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The Alameda Education Foundation is made up of people like you who support educational opportunities, innovation and equity for Alameda public school K-12 students.


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Accomplishments 2009-2010


AEF Accomplishments for 2009-2010

The Alameda Education Foundation made a positive impact on thousands of students lives this school year. Take a look!

  • Forty-seven classrooms were “adopted” via AEF’s Adopt-a-Classroom program resulting in $23,500 dollars going directly into AUSD classrooms. The money was used by classroom teachers for everything from essential supplies to field trips, from speakers to innovative classroom projects – all of which enriched the educational experience of approximately 1,200 Alameda students at 14 AUSD school sites.
  • 1,800 elementary school students learned Spanish, played chess or a musical instrument, participated in drama or expressed themselves in dance or writing, conducted scientific experiments or created art and much more through AEF’s After-School Enrichment program. 129 Enrichment scholarships were awarded so that no family need be turned away.
  • Over 350 middle school student-athletes participated in volleyball, basketball and track & field through AEF’s middle school sports program where they not only competed with pride for their schools, but learned about goal-setting, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Over 200 teachers from every single Alameda public school shopped for items from art supplies to science kits to office furniture at AEF’s Free Teacher Supply Store.
  • Over $8,000 in grants were awarded to support drama productions, technology improvements, science experiments, band competitions, safe high school graduation nights and many more worthy programs benefiting thousands of Alameda students.
  • $3000 in music scholarships were awarded to high school seniors to help them continue their passion for music after graduation.
  • Over $1,000 worth of school supplies was collected to provide essential items to help our community’s poorest students start the year prepared for learning.
  • Over 350 teachers, principals and community members enjoyed AEF’s Salute-to-Education event in April. Guests were able to learn about 23 innovative school programs to help spread best practices among our schools while having the opportunity to network and share ideas in a relaxed and informal setting. Dozens of volunteers, businesses and staff were honored as part of the evening’s celebrations.

For the 2010-2011 school year, AEF has further defined and refined our fundraising goals. In addition to the program support listed above, we will continue to support essential educational programming with the following efforts:

  • Art Docent Support – The Art Docent program in elementary schools enables access to art education for AUSD students at all grade levels (rather than beginning at middle school). AEF is committed to providing this program with art materials.
  • Music – AEF will run an instrument replacement drive this summer and fall as well as raise fund for instrument repair and music purchases.
  • Drama – AEF is committed to helping with production costs for high school plays including funding for play rights and scripts.