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Who is AEF?

The Alameda Education Foundation is made up of people like you who give generously to support vital programs in art, music, drama, sports, science, technology and much more!
Track and Field registration begins Friday, February 28th, 9:30am. Click the blue SPORTS button above, select your school.
Summer Enrichment Camp registration begins Feb. 13th. Click here to view the camp programs. Register by clicking the blue "Enrichment" button below.
Enrollment for After-School Winter/Spring 2014 begins January 7th, 9:30am. Click here to view Enrichment Fliers. Click the blue "Enrichment" button above to view or register for classes.
Alameda Education Foundation
501(c)(3) non-profit
Tax ID #94-2867769
P.O. Box 1363, Alameda 94501
Tel. 510.337.7189
Fax. 510.748.4706
To visit our office
(no mail please)
2200 Central Ave., Suite B, Alameda


Motto: Supporting Student Success

Vision: Excellence in Education for Alameda Public School Students

Mission: The mission of the Alameda Education Foundation is to engage the community, raise funds and coordinate programs to support and enhance the quality of K-12 public education in Alameda.

Description: The Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) is made up of parents, educators, business leaders and members of the community. A vital force in the community since 1982, AEF supports educational excellence in Alameda public schools by providing funds, materials, volunteer resources and program coordination to supplement the opportunities available in our schools. AEF supports a variety of programs including academics, athletics, music, drama, sports, science, technology and much more for thousands of Alameda school children. AEF believes thriving schools are essential for a strong community and a promising future.

With the State budget in a constant state of flux, support from our community is more essential than ever to ensure continuity of quality education in Alameda. When you give to AEF, you are joining an exciting enterprise that cares deeply for all of Alameda’s students.

Board of Directors

President: Bill Sonneman

Vice President: Steve McAdam

Secretary: Pam Chang

Treasurer: Courtney Shepler

Directors: Timothy N. Coffey, Anne DeBardeleben, Diane Foster, Kathy Moehring,
Kathleen C. Woulfe


Executive Director: Vicki Sedlack

Enrichment Program Director: Sarah Olaes

Office Manager: Nora Toy-Desmond


Superintendent of Schools: Kirsten M. Vital


For questions, suggestions or comments, please email