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AEF Alameda Asteroids hosts Middle School Cross Country Meet

By Debra Cramer,  Alameda Asteroids coach

mss_crosscountry_fall2016The Alameda Asteroids Middle School Cross Country Club hosted a meet with 11 Bay Area schools from the SACMAL league on Wednesday, September 28th at Crab Cove.  The Alameda Asteroids is a middle school cross country club managed under AEF’s after-school enrichment program.  Sixth – 8th graders from Alameda middle schools participate in the running club from September through November each fall and compete as a team against schools from outside Alameda.

Represented at the meet were students from San Leandro, Newark, Union City, Castro Valley and Piedmont middle schools.  Encinal High Cross Country coach Don Porteous marked the course and timed the event, and the Encinal High School Cross Country team provided course monitors, finish line monitors and tag takers.  Times were recorded for 412 students; 32 of those were Alameda Asteroids.

The boys one mile runners began the meet, followed by the girls one mile runners.  Unique to the Crab Cove meet, there is a two mile course to challenge the more experienced runners and ease them into the 3.1 mile courses they will be expected to run at the high school level.

The Alameda Asteroid girls performed outstanding in the 2-mile race, taking 1st, 3rd, 4th and 9th places with Quinn Sedlachek, Malou Killian, Aila Owens and Zoey Ericson,  respectively, out of 42 runners.   Our 2-mile boy runners were Isaiah Coss, Jesse Salinas, Arlo Rucker, Eli Siltanen, Felix Moon, Aidan Lapachet and Kellen Sellers, who came in 10th,12th,19th, 20th, 40th, 49th and 58th out of 88 runners.  It was an overwhelming successful turnout.  The Asteroids will attend their next meet on Wednesday October 19th at Bancroft Middle School in San Leandro.

You can view pictures from the meet here.

AEF Summer Camp – A 5-Star Review

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

My name is Amy and I took the circus arts camp from AEF. The circus arts camp was my favorite camp, and I have done a lot of camps. I mastered the stilts, floor, plate spinning, low bar, Diabolo, and more in my week of camp. We got a 20-minute break to go outside. We even got to try out a unicycle!

The instructors were very kind and energetic. There were a few kids who were challenging but the instructors were able to help them learn things, which they showed at the end of the camp show. Everybody learned at least two things in the camp, which was great. The instructors did a very good job and it was very fun. This camp was awesome and I give it a five star rating.

Enriching Lives, One at a Time


The sheer volume of AEF’s Enrichment program is impressive enough – 400 after school classes and 70 summer camps serving upwards of 3,000 students per year. But it’s the impact it makes on the individual students that means the most.

Take Caitlin*. A second grader, Caitlin signed up for one of AEF’s “Beginning Violin” classes. She had missed almost the full prior year of school following three weeks in the hospital and was finding it hard to adjust to being back at school. Her parents thought signing her up for a music class would be a good idea, and what a good idea it was! There was something about this class that turned Caitlin’s passion back on for learning. Her violin teacher Donna Eyestone provides a caring, student-focused environment welcoming for all students. By the end of the 10 week program Caitlin was shining! Her mom said the violin class has “turned Caitlin’s life around.”

Then there’s Isaiah*. Last summer Isaiah took AEF’s “Solar Power” enrichment camp. He became so interested in solar power, that he continued learning about it, became passionate about it and even spoke before both the Public Utilities Board and Alameda Unified School Board advocating for the use of solar power. All at 12 years old!

Lauren* was so nervous about running in her first cross country meet (AEF runs a fall cross country program for middle schoolers, the Alameda Asteroids), that she asked her mom if she could quit right after the meet. Instead, Lauren finished her race and asked her mom if they could host a barbeque at their house for the team. And she’s still running!


You never know when a child will become inspired. Giving students the opportunity to take part in interesting and unique programs can make an impact that will last a lifetime. To check out AEF’s 2016 summer camps, please click here.

*Names have been changed for privacy.