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The Alameda Education Foundation is made up of people like you who support educational opportunities, innovation and equity for Alameda public school K-12 students.


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Enrichment Policies and Procedures

1) Participants Behavior

All student participants are expected to conduct themselves according to AUSD student rules. These rules are outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook provided by the schools each year. Any student that fails to follow the student rules or has excessive behavioral issues that continually disrupt other participants will be removed from participation in the After School Enrichment class for the rest of the session. No refund will be issued for such removal.

2) Enrollment and Refund Policies

  1. Late enrollments will be accepted as space allows.  There is a $15 processing fee for late registrations.
  2. If a student transfers from one class to another, there is a $15 processing fee.
  3. If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, participants will receive their full tuition refund.
  4. Cancellations initiated by the participant must be requested a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of the class. This request must be made in writing to your school site Enrichment Coordinator. Credit for the cancelled class will be applied to your AEF account minus a $15.00 processing fee.

3) Scholarships

We are proud to offer scholarships for Enrichment classes. Please contact the Enrichment Coordinator for your school site for more information. Scholarships are based on need.

4) Parent/Adult Escorts for Classes

Class escorts are crucial to the success of our program. Escorts are needed to stay with all students until the instructor arrives and to escort students to and from daycare programs.

Children of parent/guardian escorts will be given priority in class placement as well as a parent escort incentive. This incentive will be a credit to be used in a future Enrichment class for your child. If we receive more than one parent/guardian escort for the class, we will select the parent/guardian and notify you prior to the first day of class.

  • For a 4-6 week class the Class Escort incentive = $25.00 class credit.
  • For a 7-10 week class the Class Escort incentive = $40.00 class credit
  • For an 11-24 week class the Class Escort incentive = $60.00 class credit

Once the class is completed and you have escorted all classes, a credit will be applied to your online account and may be used towards a future class for the amount specified. Please allow 30 days for processing once class has ended. Our limit is one escort per class to both check in and check out or one escort for checking in and one for checking out. Escorts must be identified by AEF prior to classes starting.

If you do not wish to take advantage of the class voucher from the class escort service, your Class Escort incentive may be applied towards a scholarship for other students.

6) Photos used for Website/Class Publicity

Photos taken during class sessions may be published on our website, Facebook page, marketing materials and/or fliers unless a written no-photo request is emailed to