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Who is AEF?

The Alameda Education Foundation is made up of people like you who support educational opportunities, innovation and equity for Alameda public school K-12 students.
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Adopt A Classroom

Adopt a Classroom

The AEF Adopt A ­Classroom program makes it easy for businesses and community members to support teachers and students. We direct 100% of each $500 Adopt A Classroom donation to the teacher or program leader who uses the funds to support learning opportunities for his or her students.

Teachers use the donations to purchase critical resources and materials, update technology or fund field trips, assemblies or other learning impact programs. Examples include funding an Outdoor Education field trip, building a classroom library, purchasing technology tools or helping a new teacher purchase the supplies needed for her classroom.

Teachers tell us it makes them feel appreciated, valued and helps “make dreams come true.”

Here’s a letter entitled Learning outside the classroom, by Daniel Goldfield, Island High School teacher that explains how the support of the community, and creative teaching methods, can have a huge impact on the lives of students.

The Alameda Education Foundation directs Adopt A Classroom donations to teachers not yet adopted as determined by need, or donors may request a particular teacher or program for adoption.

Donors are invited to join us when we make the adoption presentation to the class. Each classroom receives a certificate naming the donor to display in their classroom. Donors are acknowledged in the local newspaper, including a year end thank you ad.  Adopt A Classroom presentations are held in the classrooms monthly with the last presentation in March.  All Adopt A Classroom donations received after March 1st will be distributed in September of the following school year.

To help make dreams come true for Alameda classrooms, click here to download the Adopt A Classroom Donation Form and send in your check payable AEF, P.O. Box 1363 or click the “Donate” button below.

Thank you to Wells Fargo for donating the purchase and service fees for teacher gift cards!

Noteonline Adopt A Classroom donations include $15 to cover credit card fees.

FAQs about Adopt A Classroom

What does it mean to “adopt” a classroom?
By adopting a classroom, you serve as a community partner to a classroom by providing financial and moral support to the teacher and students.

Does adopting a classroom ”make a difference”?
You bet! When you adopt a classroom, teachers use the donated funds to purchase resources such as learning games, books, and other materials that help them create an engaging and effective classroom learning environment. Teachers may also use the funds for field trips, assemblies or additional student impact programs.  Adopt A Classroom is unique in that it enables teachers to support their classroom  By serving as a community partner, you are positively impacting teacher morale, too.

Is there a donation size requirement?
Each class adoption is $500. This keeps it fair for all participants in this program.  Any amount over $500 per adoption helps support the program and is greatly appreciated!

Can I adopt more than one classroom?
Yes. You can adopt as many classrooms as you like. Please submit $500 for each classroom.

What if my teacher is already “adopted”?
There is only one adoption per teacher per school year. You may email to find out the status of a teacher. If your teacher is not eligible, you have the option to indicate that the funds can be used for another adoption as determined by need or direct the funds to another teacher.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes. The Alameda Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

Does Adopt A Classroom give the teachers cash?
The AEF Adopt A Classroom program provides each selected teacher with gift card for $500.00. Each teacher is then required to submit a Donation Use Form in order to be qualified for the next year’s undirected donation process. Each teacher may be adopted only one time per school year.

What happens to any excess Adopt A Classroom funds?
Any excess funds received from Adopt A Classroom donations remain in the Adopt A Classroom fund to be used for future adoptions and teacher support, such as providing support for new teachers.

When are adoption presentations made?
Adopt A Classroom presentations are usually made once per month, usually on the third Thursday of the month.  However, in accommodating all the various school schedules, schedules may vary.

What more is required of me other than making a donation?
Nothing more is required, but we encourage you to join us when we make the presentation. Please be sure to include your email on your donation form so we can inform you of the presentation date. We also hope you will tell your colleagues, business associates and friends about this important program.

AEF charges no fee to manage these adoptions, so please consider making an annual donation to AEF’s general fund to help us run our valuable programs like Adopt A Classroom that Support Student Success.

Click here to view the current 2014-2015 Adopt A Classroom list.

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